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Apr 22 2014

ROCK CITY SEVEN at the NEW Mickey Finn’s!!!!

We’re going to play the NEW MICKEY FINNS on April 26th! It’ll be a brand freakin’ new venue, fulfilling our dream of being the Test Pilots of Rock!

Couple of things we know for sure:
1. The beer will be cold
2. The staff will be friendly
3. The Hair Metal will flow nicely into the Bruno Mars

Somebody has to make sure the new stage can hold an adequate supply of Rock-power. Might as well be the RC7!

See you there!

Mar 11 2014

News From Rock City!

SNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! So here is some info that will hopefully warm your loins. It’s in the time-honored format of TRUE/FALSE:

1. Rock City Seven has been recording an EP for 2014 . . . TRUE
2. Rock City Seven will play several shows between April and September . . . . TRUE
3. Rock City Seven scored below the national average on standardized rock aptitude test . . . . FALSE
4. Rock City Seven DOES NOT know who Juan Pablo is, but knows people who DO know who he is . . . . TRUE

Sep 28 2013

New Show added!!!!!

Feb 20 2013

Latest and Greatest

Rock City Seven is VERY thankful for all who came out to the 2013 Chaos Ball!  We had a blast, hope you did too.  So what is next, you ask?  Well, we are working on some new songs, working on getting some summer shows, and working on Nink’s upper body strength to see if he can possibly drum any louder.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Jan 16 2013

You MUST Be There!!

Jan 9 2013

Mickey Finn’s Feb 2 – First Show of 2013!!!!

That’s right, Rock City Citizens. Your favorite band is stopping in beautiful downtown Libertyville for Super Bowl Weekend! We bring to you our 3rd Annual “80’s Chaos Ball”!! This has become a CAN’T MISS EVENT, you never know WHAT we will play, WHAT we will wear, HOW will we smell . . . but you WILL know it will be ALL 80’s!!! Come out and see why everyone LOVES the Chaos Ball!!!!!

Nov 5 2012

River Rockhouse St. Charles: 11/10/12

If you haven’t seen us yet this year, there is STILL time! Come on out to River Rock House – St. Charles for our last hurrah of the year! Featuring closing act The Atari Age.

Aug 17 2012

Ravenswood Remix: Our Last Show of the Summer! 9/1/12

BOOM-shaka-laka-laka-BOOM!! Rock City Seven wants YOU . . . at Ravenswood Remix Festival!!! Question: How can you say NO to 100% daytime, 100% all ages and 100% FUN??!!! Answer: You cannot!!! That’s the fact, Jack!

Son of Beech. Sheet.

Jul 30 2012

Rock City Seven Feat. Angela LaVista at 12th Annual Backlot Brewfest!!

I think it goes without sayin’ . . . you HAVE to be there!  Lots of live entertainment, refreshing beverages and BBQ cookoff!  We know good times, and this sounds like a good time!!

Jul 10 2012


Rock City Seven break out of Lake County into Cook County for a super fun Friday Night gig!   Don’t miss it!!

Blues Bar
2 West Busse Ave.
Mount Prospect, IL

Jan 31 2010

Rock City 7 Save Rock City!

Today is the release of Rock City 7’s debut EP, Rock City 7 Save Rock City!

You can download for free below or from iTunes as soon as they are uploaded there.

Apr 20 2010

RC7 at Silvies – April 30!

Come see the Rock City 7 along with Dulcet Road and a special guest at Silvies. You can tell you’re coming on Facebook. Be there at 9, RC7 goes on 2nd.

Silvie Lounge

1902 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago IL 60613

Are YOU a fan of Rock City Seven???  Be a fan on our Facebook page!!

May 27 2010

New Shows Added!

For your entertainment, we have added shows! Check us out at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago on 8/13! and Mickey Finn’s in Libertyville in October (date TBD)

Are YOU a fan of Rock City Seven??? Be a fan on our Facebook page!!

Oct 5 2010

Abbey Pub – Friday, October 22nd

Rock City 7 is coming to save your town Friday 10-22 at the Abbey Pub

Let us know you are coming on Facebook

Dec 18 2010

New Show! Mickey Finn’s Libertyville, IL – 1/22/11

Jun 10 2011



When we last checked in with Rock City Seven, they were stuck in an 80’s wormhole in Libertyville. Well . . . they are still stuck in Libertyville, but DESPERATELY trying to get back to the year 2011. Will they make it back? Or will they get stuck in an altogether different era?

Come check them out at Mickey Finn’s – Libertyville, IL

Jan 28 2012

Rock City Seven Welcomes New Resident Scott Carnow

Rock City 7 Census figures are in! Crime is down 8%, property taxes are up 3%. BUT although the population was down 1 in 2011, data indicate it has increased by 1 in 2012:

Scott Carnow
5150 Bass Player Lane
Rock City, IL 2112-666

Scott brings with him a wealth of licks, a KISS notebook and progress. Welcome, Scott!